Last month, adrien has been interview'd me for his cool magazine, here some result. enjoy !!
and thanks for mr. Adrien , nice to know you .. much love from daeng custom :D
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here some words in english...
What is in few words Daeng Custom ?
Daeng custom is our workspace, which develops creative activities such as drawing in new media (canvas, wood, walls, motorcycles, bicycles, and various other media). Our work is influenced by many cultures, and the power of the traditional tale Indonesia, we work with the heart, with a young team with a solid relationship

Where are you located ?
our workspace based in small city purwokerto, central java, indonesia.

Why do Daeng Custom ?
to introduce Indonesia, our culture to others ... and to our children and grandchildren in the future

Adan Fajar, you are the graphic designer of the Brahala Sewu bike ?

What is your career ?
im student of economics faculty, doing drawing as a freelance graphic designer from 2009

Give me the fist 3 words you think about your philosophy of life...
draw hard, pray hard, and play hard

Do you are a rider too ?
yes i am, i have a bike , called sendekala , basically honda cb 100

What is your first mechanical memory ?
in my young age i have some memory as stuntrider, with so many scars and falldown mark haha

Who/What is Brahala Sewu ?
in the Indonesian culture, told in the wayang story that kresna (the god Vishnu) can be transformed into brahala Sewu (thousand demons) when he got angry . if attacked from his hand Brahala sewu can reach the western and eastern parts of the universe, from the mouth to spew millions of flaming fire, or breath hot as hot lava that have a the Earth's core

Why do this on a bike ?
we have a lot of hope on this bike, as from first ideas, Kresna is the god who has the character quiet dignity. such as hand-made 600 cc bike is on electric stater, he have a calm voice. then brahala sewu, we expect 600 cc engine could be great, could rampage beating rivals in a variety of events.

What is the motorcycle root ?
Honda GL - 100cc

Is it for a costumer or for pleasure ?
from the beginning, this bike is a collaboration of two artists, just for our ego.
This bike belongs to M yusuf Adib mustofa, the artist who created this crazy machine with his hands, and have some collaborate with Daeng custom in body and paint, initially we do not sell this bike, but sooner or later we need money to build our dream in motorcycle world, maybe one day we will sell brahala sewu, and build the motor with the 5 cylinder (handmade) in the future haha

I don't know nothing about indonesian life...
Indonesia is a country with many different cultures, with a wide variety of people as well. mostly in Indonesia, everyone has one bike, they are the riders ... the motor is the main vehicle in this state

Are there a lot of motorcycle ?
as I was talking about, in Indonesia the motor is the main vehicle, every person has at least one bike for their personal vehicles. here is a lot of traffic jams everywhere with a lot of population and 1 bike per person haha

Is it free to ride or who have policemen behind every wheels ?
its free to ride here, many motorcycle brotherhood are growing fine and well, there are already survived for decades in here

In general, big or little motorcycle cylinder capacity ?
small capacity, 100 - 200cc mostly

Say me what you what about motorcycles in Indonesia...

Indonesia has some great bike builder and rider, and we can establish fraternity with members of a motorcycle club when met outside the city in the event. hope 10 years from now, I can see the golden era of the motor in the future, as in the days of my grandfather who ride motorcycles like bsa, norton, triumph & royal enfield haha

You can give me more informations for the motor engine ?
this is basically Honda GL-100 cc build in 1970 , familiar motorcycle in indonesia, much people have this motorcycle for daily use

You draw before sketch or directly on bike ?
i just sketching rough lines in my sketchbook, and then applied in bike with rotring rapido 0,3 mm

How much time to do this ?
2 days madness, we dont have much time because we want go to kustomfest and the time running so fast

Your have a big garage or you do this craftsmen ?
we have small garage , as our creative studio and workspace :D

On this photo, is it all people of Daeng Custom ?
yes we are Daeng Custom and Semangat Putra Motor sir, there are some people behind brahala sewu

Congratulation for your victory to Bike Build Off !!!
So I have a new question for the interview...
You win the Deus Bike Build Off 2013 Peoples Choice Award , what are your feelings ?

feel amazed and speechless, because i dont think i will won those amazing event. stay humble !! haha